From Friends to Happily Ever After

The story of how Mike found the one on MexicanCupid.

“During the summer of 2018 I learned about the TV show 90 Day Fiancé and one of the men on the show used ColombianCupid so I looked to see if there was one for Mexico and sure enough there was MexicanCupid.

In November 2018 I became a paid subscriber on and off for about two years. I had the opportunity to chat with many women from Mexico and other countries but my interest was only in a woman from Mexico as my family’s cultural background is Mexican.

I made some good friends on the website but it was not until February 2021 that I would meet my other half. I was looking for someone beautiful but shared the same goals, dreams, values, culture and customs along with some similar interests. We hit it off since day one. By early April we decided to make plans to meet.

We met in late April 2021 and we had a fun and memorable time during our weekend meeting. When it was time for me to return to the United States, I saw the tears in her eyes while we were at the airport and right there, I knew her feelings for me were for real. I returned to Mexico in late May and met her family. We had lunch and later I asked her father for his blessing to marry his daughter. He said yes and I proposed to her while we were on a private boat.

We hope that she will be here in the United States sometime in 2022 and start our own family as both of us do not have children but did complete our master’s degrees and have careers that we love.

I highly recommend MexicanCupid to anyone out there looking for love with an international flavor. We have a beautiful story to tell our future children.

Thank you MexicanCupid!”

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