How one like sparked a life-changing connection

Miles apart no more

Meet Daisy and Henry! They both joined MilitaryCupid and live in the USA, albeit on other sides of the country. This is the story of how they found each other.

Brokenhearted Daisy joined MilitaryCupid in the hope of talking to a like-minded man. Cautious, she started by sending a like to people that caught her eye. 

Looking back, Daisy said “Little did I know that one of them would be the one.”

Henry and Daisy clicked instantly.  “We were so alike it was unbelievable. We started talking every day, seeing the sunrise every morning. He lived in New York, I live in California, each on opposite sides of the United States” recounts Daisy.

Henry too was astounded by the connection they shared. He commented, “I never thought something so perfect could exist, that was actually meant for me. It has gotten to the point where words are not enough and actions are not enough to explain the level of feelings and love that meeting Daisy has brought to my life.”

Henry continued, “I never thought that I could reach this level of happiness, I never thought that I could reach this level of sureness until now. I can truly say that meeting Daisy has made me the happiest man alive..”

They’re now building a life together. What started as a like has led to a life-changing connection.