The kind of love found by candle light

How Steve fell in love on DominicanCupid

After connecting on DominicanCupid site, Steve and his partner decided it was time to meet in person. 

“I remember the moment I saw [her]… she was even more beautiful in person. We shared a warm embrace that seemed to unite our souls and our first kiss elicited feelings of euphoria. We enjoyed a candlelight dinner on the beach in Boca Chica and concluded the evening slow dancing in ecstasy. 

Name a more romantic first date. We’ll wait! 

Hearing of stories like this keeps our team oh-so-motivated to continue helping people find each other, across oceans and cultures.

I found an angel on earth in Santo Domingo. My days and nights have been full of bliss since I met this amazing woman. Thank you, DominicanCupid!” 

Steve, we’re so happy for both of you!