World traveller finds the one in Japan

How JapanCupid united two people oceans apart

There are a number of reasons singles find themselves looking for love on our sites. For one, they’ve tried dating locally and it’s not been successful or they particularly love a way of life that is celebrated by different cultures and countries. Another common reason is for travellers, those moving countries and wanting to meet new people when they arrive. 

This is one of those stories. Meet Nicki! 

Nicki joined JapanCupid just before she began her new life in Japan.

“We started chatting on JapanCupid, then we decided to meet for a holiday together in Hokkaido a week-long holiday together in Hokkaido, visiting an onsen, Izakaya, and popular sightseeing spots.

I had planned to move to Japan so I stopped looking for a relationship in my country and started looking for people in Japan. Now 1 year later I am happy with my partner, and we have decided to live in NZ first, then possibly Japan again in the future.”

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