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At Cupid Media, we strive to provide our customers with the most advanced and premium online dating platform for interacting with members across our niche websites.  As a team, we work, play and develop together. We believe that to provide the best service to our members, we need the best talent in our team.

In Constantly Adapting
From the beginning, we were pioneers in the world of online niche dating, and we take pride in providing premium online dating experiences with continuous adaptation and experimentation. That includes professional development and training for our teams and new product features for our members.
In Cultivating Meaningful Relationships
We work to ensure a transparent, trusted and honest experience for members and an atmosphere of trust within our teams.
In Humanizing Everything We Do
We are committed to creating an inclusive, diverse and enjoyable environment for each of our team members throughout Cupid Media. We want to create environments for people to be seen, heard and ultimately, grow.
In Communication
Honesty, transparent and respectful dialogue is essential to success in any relationship.
“Do It With Passion Or Not At All”
We encourage a passion for work and calculated risks. It’s essential to think outside of the norm and push the potential in all aspects of our work.



Based on the sunny Gold Coast

Collaborative development across departments

Professional growth & proactive staff training

Our Team.

Engineering & Developers

Day in day out, the products and services we build touch millions of customers around the world. Our teams are dedicated to solving site and design problems to ensure a premium customer experience on our app and across sites.

Engineering & Developers



Our marketing teams continually work hard to bring both Cupid Media and each site’s brand missions to life worldwide. They are a team of innovative, strategic and data-driven professionals devoted to forming a world where all relationships are healthy, equitable and accessible.

Creative & Design

Our Cupid Media creative team members are based in Kenya and Gold Coast but have a global impact. With designers, content creators, copywriters working cross-functionally with the entire company, this is the team that brings our mission to life.

Creative & Design

Customer Service

Customer Service

Cupid Media believes our customers are the priority. Not only do we strive to have the most advanced technologies on-site, but we also believe in having hands-on support for our members 24/7. Cupid Media takes pride in offering an excellent support system through progressive communication methods and highly trained bilingual staff.

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Cupid Media’s company philosophy includes the salient points that we believe will help us create and retain a loyal membership base. The Cupid Media team has seen its rapid growth over the past 20 years into an international market leader. With 33 niche dating websites and 55 million customers worldwide, we have plans for continued expansion to become one of the largest Online Dating companies in the world.

Based on the Gold Coast with its natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and ideal location, Cupid Media is one of the most appealing offices in which to work.