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Your Safety Online

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We Care Abut Your Safety Online

At Cupid Media, the security, well-being and safety of our users ore taken seriously.

we have various brands under Cupid Media that employ different tools, processes and policies to foster respectful communities and environments through our dating services. The information provided below gives a summary of these tools and technologies. Depending on our brands and the audiences they serve, various tools may be adopted by different brands. Still, the objective is universal: Cupid Media is committed to creating o sate, positive and secure dating experience for on our users on on our platforms.

Cupid Media's Safety Toolbox

Cupid Media’s brands use industry-leading automated and manual moderation and review tools , technology, processes and policies to detect prevent and remove people who engage in inappropriate behavior from our sites and apps. Examples of tools our brand’s use include:

Advanced machine learning fraud models to detect fraudulent profile upon creation.

Continuous monitoring of on-site activity looking for fraudulent accounts.

Dedicated fraud teams working 24/7 to manually review suspicious profiles and user-generated reports.

we hove a great on line community across our brands and depend on users reporting profiles concerning behavior, so we con investigate and toke appropriate action. If you want tips to date safely online, find our online dating safety tips here.

Customer Care Teams

At Cupid Media, we ensure our brands are equipped with a strong customer service team dedicated to supporting and protecting our users and addressing any inappropriate behavior complaints or reports. A serious breach of our Terms & Conditions ore reported to Cupid Media’s centralized safety team and handled accordingly

Cupid Media's Safety Policies

Cupid Media prohibits the following groups of people from using our product:

Eighteen years of age and younger can not use our services.

If you include any offensive or inappropriate content on your profile,

Each of Cupid Media’s brands has Terms of Use that allow us to remove and block users from our services who fall into any categories above. Our Community Guidelines must also be read in conjunction with our Terms of use. Cupid Medio reserves the right to bon any users who inappropriately use offensive language or conduct.